Sword of the Cross

Sword of the Cross [-3]

You possess one of the three Swords of the Cross, their hilts reportedly forged from the nails that fixed Christ to the Cross. Those bearing the Swords are called the Knights of the Cross.

Musts: You must have a destiny or calling to inherit the Sword, represented as a high concept or template.
Skills Affected: Weapons, others.

All Creatures Are Equal Before God.
This is the truest purpose of the Swords of the Cross, the ability that makes even ancient dragons take pause when facing a Knight. When facing an opponent, the Knight may spend a fate point to ignore that opponent’s defensive abilities (Toughness based ones, primarily), as well as any mundane armor the foe has, for the duration of the scene. In essence, a Sword of the Cross may take the place of whatever it is that a creature has a weakness to (whatever the Catch is on their Toughness powers, see page 185), on demand, so long as the Knight can spend that fate point—particularly handy when facing ultra tough Denarians or true dragons. Whatever abilities a creature may have, the job of a Sword of the Cross is creating a mostly even playing field—or something very much like it—between mortal and monster.

Divine Power.
A Sword of the Cross may only be swung with true selfless purpose in mind and heart; if this is not the case, the bond between the Knight and the Sword is broken and may only be restored by undergoing some sort of trial of faith. When swung without such purpose in mind and heart, the blow down not land (any attack roll automatically fails), the bond is immediately broken, and the sword falls from the wielder’s hand.

Basically, the GM and player should look at the description above as a guideline for how to compel the high concept attached to the sword—your character might be tempted to use the sword for selfish reasons, and could either receive a fate point to stay his hand or succumb to the temptation and lose the sword temporarily. If another takes up the sword and swings it selfishly, your Knight is still responsible for how the sword is used, with similar repercussions.

This weapon is a powerful holy symbol in its own right. Its very touch is like holy water or that of a cross or other symbol of faith backed by the belief of the possessor.

It’s a Sword.
A Sword of the Cross always takes the form of a sword, though the precise type of sword may change through the ages. There are only three in existence (OW74). As a sword, it possesses the damage and other attributes of any sword (page 202).

True Aim.
When swung in keeping with its purpose, a Sword of the Cross grants a bonus 1 to the wielder’s Weapons skill.

As an Item of Power, it cannot be broken, save through dedicated magical ritual predicated upon perverting its purpose.

Discount Already Applied.
As an Item of Power, the sword already includes the one time discount. This means that if the character possesses more than one Item of Power, the one time discount will not apply on that second item. If the Sword of the Cross is the second or subsequent artifact the character gains, the refresh cost is —5.

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Sword of the Cross

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