Marked by Power

Marked by Power [-1]

You’ve been marked by something powerful, in a way recognizable to those with a magical affinity. Such people and creatures will think twice about acting against you, but they’ll also see you as a representative of the thing that’s marked you.

Musts: Your high concept must reflect the creature or person who has marked you.
Skills Affected: Varies

Aegis of Respect.
A magical mark is upon you, placed by a creature or person of significant power. It’s not that the mark provides any actual protection, but magically aware people and creatures can perceive this mark upon you and word tends to get around that you’ve been “claimed.” Whenever dealing with someone in the magical community, all of your social skills operate at a +1 bonus. The downside, of course, is that people tend to see you as a representative of the thing that marked you, which can lead to some uncomfortable entanglements and assumptions. If you absolutely must conceal this mark, you can, but it takes some concentration—use of any appropriate skill ( Stealth or Deceit, usually) restricted by Discipline to do so, but you can’t do anything stressful (like combat) without dropping the concealment.

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Marked by Power

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