Mana Static

Mana Static [-1]

Despite not being a mortal practitioner of magic, you have a tendency to cause technology to short out the way a wizard or other mortal spellcaster does.

While we don’t have documentation of this sort of ability in our casefiles, it’s pretty well supported by theory. There are plenty of folks out there with undeveloped magical talent, and it’s easy to see how they might first—and perhaps only—manifest the hexing aspect of their abilities.

Musts: If the character ever takes a spellcasting ability, it replaces this one.
Skills Affected: Varies

You can hex technology deliberately, as described on page 228. You may need to roll your Discipline skill occasionally to keep your emotions in check and avoid accidentally hexing technology, but you make these rolls at +2 due to the relative weakness of your talent.

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Mana Static

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